Hello, I'm an iOS developer in Tokyo, Japan. I specialize in iOS and iPadOS app development using AR (Augmented Reality) / ML (Machine Learning) technology.


Twitter: twitter.com/AtarayoSD
email atarayo.softdesign@icloud.com

iOS/iPadOS Apps

AR Plastic Ocean /2022
App Store , Product Page

AR Local Railways /2022
not providing, Product Page

AR Weather Locations /2022
not providing, Product Page

AR Train CW /2021
not providing, Product Page

AR Train Kids /2020
not providing Product Page


Materials CC0


GitHub: github.com/ynagatomo

microbit-swift-controller GitHub

sample app GitHub

Swift Package for Micro:bit / BLE

Basic Chat GPT GitHub

A minimal iOS app that converse
with OpenAI Chat GPT 3.5/4.

SwiftUI, OpenAI API

Hey ChatGPT GitHub

A minimal iOS app that interacts
with OpenAI Chat GPT 3.0 by voice.

SwiftUI, AVFoundation, Speech, OpenAISwift

AR Basic App GitHub

A minimal iOS AR app that can be used
as a template when creating an AR app.

SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit

iOS apps that uses Stable Diffusion
on devices

Img Gen SD2
AR Diffusion Museum
AR Wall Picture

AR Wall Picture GitHub

loads images from Photo Library and displays
them on the wall in AR

SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit, Metal

AR Diffusion Museum GitHub

Generates images using Stable Diffusion v2
and displays them with AR

SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit, Apple/coreml-stable-diffusion

ImgGenSD2 GitHub

Generates images based on specified prompt
using Stable Diffusion v2

SwiftUI, Apple/coreml-stable-diffusion Swift Package
stabilityai/stable-diffusion-2 model

AR Plastic Ocean GitHub

Displays 3d ocean scenes with swimming fish
and floating plastic in AR.

SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit, Metal

AR Weather GitHub

Displays weather forecast for any locations in AR

WeatherKit, SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit, Core Location

AR Simple Geolocation GitHub

Displays virtual objects at geographical locations

SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit, Core Location

AR Stickers GitHub

Puts stickers in the air

SwifUI, ARKit, RealityKit, Core Graphics

drawing images using the Core Graphics
assigning textures to geometries at runtime

AR QR Scanner GitHub

Scans QR code in the AR scene

SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit, Vision

QR code detection in ARFrame with Vision
displaying polygons using RealityKit
procedural geometry

AR Art Attractors GitHub

Displays 3D graphic art in AR

SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit, Metal

procedural geometry generation with RealityKit2
custom material generation with RealityKit and Metal
Concurrent calculation with Swift Concurrency

AR Climate Spiral GitHub

Visualizes global temperature anomalies

SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit

procedural mesh and material generation

AR Simple Sea GitHub

Displays a wave animation
SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit, Metal
Geometry Modifier of RealityKit 2 and Metal

AR Comic Effect GitHub
Uses the Comic Postprocess Effect
SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit, Core Image

AR Video in Space GitHub
Displays a video in space
SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit
Video Material of RealityKit

AR Earth Observatory GitHub
Visualizes time-series changes
SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit, AVFoundation
VideoMaterial of RealityKit

AR InRoom ISS GitHub
Displays ISS in your room
SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit
NASA's ISS 3d model

AR Video Portal GitHub
Displays 360 video
SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit, AVFoundation
Video Material of RealityKit

AR inside ISS GitHub
Allows you to walk in the ISS
SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit
NASA's 3d model

AR Space Station GitHub
Displays the ISS in real scale
SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit
NASA's 3d model

AR Simple Portal GitHub
Allows you to enter another world
SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit
Occlusion material of RealityKit

ARQLSanta GitHub
Uses the AR Quick Look API
SwiftUI, ARKit, RealityKit

Code Snippet


Type-safe State Machine using Phantom types

The correctness of transitions is checked
at compile time.
Xcode assists the available transitions
at edit time.

Dump the RealityKit Entities

dumpRealityEntity(_:printing:detail:org:) function